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Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Image of health monitoring device, representing medical malpractice lawyers in NebraskaNegligence law is a section of civil law that addresses harm or injuries inflicted on individuals. This section of the law is what gives people the right to hold a doctor or hospital accountable for an injury, medical costs and emotional trauma in a variety of different situations.

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Employment Lawyers

We are experienced in all types of Employment law cases, and are prepared to provide the highest quality of personal representation throughout the complicated process. No matter if you have a wrongful termination case, sexual harassment or unfair wage claim, we are here to help.

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Workers Compensation Lawyers

Image of warehouse worker driving forklift, representing workplace accidents and worker compensation lawyers in Nebraska.Our firm advocates for the rights of injured workers throughout the State of Nebraska.  No matter how you were injured while working, or what type of industry or occupation you were employed in, we are equipped to help you seek the benefits you deserve from a workers’ compensation injury.

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Our Expertise Earns Your Trust

Nebraska Legal Justice has attorneys with expertise in a variety of practice areas. Our offices and lawyers serve clients throughout Nebraska.

We provide first class legal advice to clients of all sizes. We believe you deserve personalized attention with legal matter concerns or matters and work to find the best outcome.
We constantly strive to raise our professional level even higher. We achieve this through increased specialization of our lawyers within particular areas of expertise, cooperation with other consultants and knowledge sharing across our organization.
With decades of experience, Marks Clare & Richards LLC can provide you with the expertise that will aid you with immediate legal matters or planning for the future.
We practice diligence with all of our cases by following a thorough process for each client. Marks Clare & Richards LLC drills down into the facts, risks and opportunities of client cases and presents clients potential outcomes to help make informed decisions.

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