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Regardless of your job duties, you face inherent risks every day while you are at work. There are laws in place that require most employers to maintain workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Unfortunately, not all legitimate workers’ compensation claims are approved. 

Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Were you injured while working?
If you are injured while working, workers’ compensation can make a significant difference in your financial situation. It will cover past and future medical expenses associated with your workplace injury or occupational disease and it will cover about two-thirds of your lost wages.

Regardless of whether you are working retail and slip and fall on the store floor and suffer a serious back injury, or you are a trucker who suffers serious injuries in a trucking crash, we will provide you with the friendly, personalized representation that your claim requires. Our caring and compassionate team of workers’ compensation attorneys put our clients first, and we want to make sure you have access to the medical care that your injury requires.

We represent workers from all walks of life. We have helped those injured in construction accidents. We represent those who have fallen victim to chemical exposure at work and who now suffer from it such as exposure to grain dust, rubber, latex, asbestos, cement, benzene, or some other chemical that has caused lung disease, burn injuries, vision loss, or even cancer.

While farming accidents are not covered by Nebraska workers’ compensation laws, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries using another approach. We will investigate the different approaches and determine if there is a way you were covered and can be compensated.

Often, workplace accidents involve OSHA violations. While an OSHA violation does not guarantee you will recover more compensation for your injuries, we can help with this third-party matter. We also represent clients in FELA cases, which is when a railroad worker has been injured.

“If a person is seriously injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, then they are entitled to compensation.”

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