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Ari Riekes

Personal Injury Lawyer

Ari D. Riekes

Attorney at Law
Ari Riekes is an Omaha based civil litigation and employment attorney at the Nebraska law offices of Marks Clare & Richards LLC.

“I went into law to be a voice for those who are in need of an advocate.”

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With decades of legal experience spanning a team of dedicated lawyers, and a rich history in the legal community, the attorneys of Nebraska Legal Justice is a place lawyers aspire to work at. We find the best and the brightest. We provide our lawyers, legal team, and you with the resources necessary to take on the toughest cases.

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While laws are steeped in cultural traditions and past case verdicts, the practice of law should be as fluid as the society and technology of today. With cutting edge technology and higlhy trained professionals, we are ready to follow the law and create better law when the times call for it.

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With a deep history in the legal community, the lawyers at Nebraska Legal Justice have won more cases than many law firms and lawyers will ever see.

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At Nebraska Legal Justice, headquartered in Omaha, NE, our focus is clear. We aim to take care of our clients by focusing on what their individual needs are. We aim to be prompt, courteous, and professional in every interaction and communication with our clients, our team, and our legal community. We win cases because we keep a clear focus and build upon a great legal community.



We understand that your legal issue is important to you, pertaining to life-altering circumstances. This is why we never ignore your communications, and always look to work with you and your case with prompt, courteous efficiency.



When people meet with us, they are usually in a very personally compromising situation. We understand there are private, sensitive issues are on the table. We look to serve you with compassion, and address you and your case with the courtesy you deserve and the compassion you need.



Everyone likes to have fun. We are no different. But, we also understand that your legal situation is no laughing matter. This is why we only hire courteous, compassionate, and professional legal support individuals. Our primary goal is to win your case. If we can also put a smile on your face throughout the process, we’ll consider that a double win.

We work hard on every case we take on

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Whether you’re coming to us with a workplace accident issue; a problem with the insurance companies after serious car accident; or an issue with a personal injury case; we can take care of you with the time and attention you deserve.

The true strength of hiring a law firm vs hiring just a lawyer is in you being backed up by a team of professionals. If your lawyer has a scheduling conflict for an issue that must be dealt with immediately, you have a problem. If you have a law firm on your side, you only have obstacles and you have a team of professionals helping you overcome them as quickly as possible.

“The hospital had its turn. Now it’s your law firm’s turn to right the wrong.”

– Ari Riekes

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