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Ari D. Riekes

Ari D. Riekes

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Ari D. Riekes

Attorney at Law located in Omaha, Nebraska

Ari Riekes is an Omaha based civil litigation and employment attorney at the Nebraska law offices of Gross Welch Marks Clare PC LLO. Originally sworn into the Illinois Bar in 2003, attorney Ari Riekes was admitted to the Nebraska State Bar in April of 2005.

Ari is a people person who draws a lot of personal satisfaction from helping others. “I went into law to be a voice for those who are in need of an advocate.” He enjoys the process of standing up for his clients and seeking favorable outcomes. He aims to provide sound, practical legal advice from the onset of a case. He also believes it his job as a lawyer to be pragmatic and creative when it comes to solving problems for his clients. Dedicated to helping those who have been unfairly treated, Ari strives to “make such people whole to the greatest extent possible.”

Attorney Ari Riekes is best in his element when partnering with his clients. His ability to listen and navigate complex legal issues serves his clients in pursuit of their legal goals. He provides a welcoming, approachable atmosphere. Always doing his due diligence, Ari believes “when it comes to litigation, preparation is paramount with the ability to think on your feet.”

Ari’s peers describe him as friendly. He has a way of making his clients feel comfortable as well as confident in his abilities. At all times, Ari maintains a clear focus of his clients’ best interests.

Ari Riekes is an Omaha, Nebraska native. Prior to becoming an attorney, Ari obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan. He then moved to Chicago and worked in the restaurant industry and then for community centers. He obtained a Master’s Degree from Northwestern University and later earned a law degree from the Chicago Kent College of Law. His early experiences help him maintain an open minded approach to people, their legal issues, and their challenges. Ari returned to Omaha in 2003.

Ari does not have to go far to seek the wisdom of his role models. His father, Steven Riekes, is an attorney at Marks Clare & Richards. Ari appreciates “the way he loves the law and is constantly learning while paying attention to the details.” Ari admires fellow attorneys who are able to balance being strong advocates for their clients while maintaining a professional, civil, and respectful disposition. Always willing to see others as teachers, Ari happily admits that “my clients quite often serve as my role models because I get strength through their determination and their willingness to stand up for themselves.”

This Omaha attorney maintains a sense of humor by following comedies, and the occasional action/suspense on the tube and big screen. Ari seeks to spend his personal time with his family and close friends, on the golf course, or discovering new places. He also volunteers a lot of his personal time by serving on non-profit organizations. He has been the President of the B’nai B’rith Henry Monsky Lodge, and served on the Executive Board for Beth El Synagogue. He was also appointed by the Mayor of Omaha, NE to serve as an alternate on the City of Omaha Personnel Board.

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