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What Does Workers Compensation Cover?Lawyers for employees injured on the job

A claim filed in the Nebraska Workers Compensation Court covers costs and benefits associated with the injury or the loss of ability to work.
Unfortunately, a place of work is not always safe and serious injuries can happen.  Although most injured workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, receiving all the benefits you may be due  is difficult to obtain.  If you have been injured while working, you can trust our firm for proven legal representation with your workers’ compensation claim.

The Nebraska Workers’ Compensation statutes are laws that were designed to help employees injured on the job or as a result of an illness caused by the job.  Our workers’ compensation attorneys make it possible for an injured worker to get the necessary medical treatment and pursue financial benefits caused by missing work due to the injury.

Often times there are disputes with insurance carriers over treatment, treating doctors and the ability to return to the work with or with out restrictions.  The lawyers at Nebraska Legal Justice are experienced in dealing with the issues you may encounter when suffering from a work-related injury.

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